• 89,00RON

Bautura energizanta de regenerare dupa efort, made in GERMANY .

750 g pulbere = 20 litri bautura 

  • Regenerating drink that guarantees replenishment of energy and electrolyte reserves
  • Balanced combination of usable carbohydrates and minerals substances
  • Very bio-compatible
  • This regenerating drink is perfectly composed to match our isotonic energy drink. 
  • After moderate exertion.

    After physical activity the energy and electrolyte stores are diminished. To ensure an effective replenishment of these stores, this drink contains a balanced combination of available carbohydrates and minerals. Also included are B vitamins, which ensure a functioning energy metabolism. Magnesium, vitamins B2, B6 and niacin quickly reduce fatigue after exercise while potassium supports a normal muscular function. This Regeneration Drink matches perfectly to our Isotonic Energy Drink.
    Very well tolerated. Mostly even with fructose intolerance.

    Lactose and gluten-free.
    Pomegranate flavour 

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